See GUARDIAN RFID at ACA's Congress of Correction in Chicago, IL | Booth #1309 Aug. 1-3, 2010   The GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System saved Hall Co. Corrections $500,000 in less than six months.

  The GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System Supports Wireless (RFID) Wristbands: Waterproof, extremely tamper-resistant, point-of-contact ID.   Use GUARDIAN Medication Manager to automate your medication administration records (MARs).   Get your Free 2010 GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System Informational DVD!  
  World-Class Compliance + Defensibility Software.

The GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System combines offender management + guard tour + communication into one simple, powerful, correctional compliance platform. Built for county jails, city jails, state and federal prisons, juvenile detention facilities, and private correctional facilities, GUARDIAN knows that reliability and performance are critical in corrections. The GUARDIAN system's user-centric correctional solutions are aligned to more closely — and more completely — meet the growing demands made on today's correctional officers, while offering command staff the operational visibility they need.

  Proven. Endorsed. Preferred.

Nationally endorsed and preferred by today’s corrections leaders, the GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System offers software technology proven to maximize your compliance, productivity, and defensibility requirements.

GUARDIAN is ideal for:

  Automating your hourly patrols, including Cell Checks, Room Checks, and Security/Perimeter Checks
  Achieving deeper, day-to-day offender management automation, such as medication passes and tracking inmate transports
  Strengthening your correctional compliance requirements
  Building stronger accountability & auditing capabilities with Web-based Reports.

  Intuitive. Easy to Use. Completely customizable.
Using GUARDIAN is as easy as browsing the Web and using your cell phone. In fact, over 80% of correctional officers using GUARDIAN would highly recommend GUARDIAN to a friend or colleague because of its ease of use.

  Leaping Ahead with GUARDIAN: Why GUARDIAN is Superior to Traditional Guard Tour Systems.

GUARDIAN Mobile covers every security touch point.  Correctional compliance isn’t one dimensional.  Neither is offender management.  Today's professionals need corrections-centric solutions and ultra-rugged data collectors that deliver maximum value and reliability.  If you've outgrown your conventional guard tour system, upgrade to the next-generation of correctional compliance software, the GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System.

  Save Money. Go Software as a Service.
Correctional agencies are increasingly asked to do more with less. Get your GUARDIAN system up and running within hours, fully interfaced with your jail, records, or offender management system, and securely accessible from any Internet PC. With Software as a Service powered by GUARDIAN OnDemand, you don't have to buy, install, support, or upgrade costly servers or server software.
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Leaping Ahead with GUARDIAN: Why GUARDIAN is Superior to Guard Tour Systems

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The GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System: the worldwide leader in on-demand RFID Offender Management Software delivered Software as a Service (SaaS).
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