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GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System Endorsed by the National Sheriffs' Association
  Three reasons to choose Codex:  
Actionable Intelligence for Smarter Decision Making

Up-to-the-minute performance dashboards help customers monitor organizational and departmental performance to make command decisions faster and more precisely than ever before.
Embedded Best Practices

Codex delivers comprehensive business functionality uniquely tailored to specific industries by embedding best practices that help to accelerate deployment, increase user adoption, and reduce total cost of ownership.
Streamline Key Business Processes

Codex solutions streamline key processes to reduce information latency by gathering and processing information in real-time, and making it available across the ecosystem.
  About Codex Corp.
Codex Corp. is a provider of Security Compliance Software delivered as a Service (SaaS) to government agencies and companies to address legal, corporate, and government compliance and risk management. Codex blends innovation and emerging technologies, including Web, radio frequency identification (RFID), and mobile computing to create practical, value-driven software solutions.

Our Vision and Values

Codex will be guided by our core values: innovation, quality, and service excellence.  Our perpetual goal is to create the highest quality products and services that deliver good value, and consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.  We will work to become the best place for our Team Members to work, to innovate and foster leadership at every level, and cultivate trust and respect in our relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, and partners.  Codex will transform the software service experience and become the service excellence leader in the U.S.

The CodexCare Covenant
The mission of Codex Corp. is to create world-class, on-demand software services and experiences that are driven by our singular, passionate commitment for achieving the highest levels of excellence in everything we do, and all that we serve.


GUARDIAN is setting the standards for powerful innovations in corrections management. Fully automated, real-time documentation powered by RFID delivers new economies of efficiency and accuracy.
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  Congratulations to Dr. Lei-da Chen, a member of the Codex Corp. Board of Advisors and author of Mobile Commerce Application Development, published by Idea Group, Inc.  

  Integrated innovation is more than
a tagline, it’s about building
solutions that solve niche
problems through automation
and partnership.

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News & Events
January 26, 2009: Codex Corp. Board of Director, Richard Daly, has been inducted into the Minnesota Science and Technology Hall of Fame.

August 19, 2008: ETS Development Group and Codex Corp. partner to integrate new jail management system into GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System.

August 1, 2008: Montezuma County Sheriff's Office in Cortez, CO chooses GUARDIAN for its adult detention facility.

June 28, 2008: The GUARDIAN© RFID Corrections System formally endorsed by the National Sheriffs' Association (; first product in nation to earn distinction.

May 1, 2008:
Studer Group and Codex announce Kaiser Permante NW chooses Rounding Manager.

April 2, 2008: Studer Group and Codex announce Calvary Act (Bruce, Australia) chooses Rounding Manager.

Customer Success

"Codex solutions have greatly improved our ability to measure operational excellence across the ecosystem, and respond more effectively to customer and staff issues."

Steve Simonin, CEO
Wright Medical Center

"Our alliance with Codex is playing a key role in allowing us to offer our customers what they want: best-in-class software solutions that help healthcare providers to become the best hospital."

B.G. Porter, President
Studer Group


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